“Building relationships vision in the investment for the future of Viet Nam…”

SON THUY with enthusiasm, ambition, understanding of the domestic market and profound experience. SON THUY confidently creates unique values and business identities to bring practical benefits to investors and partners.

Vision and mission

investment consulting services

  • Project research and evaluation on investment activities;
  • Developing key indicators to economic and technical evaluation;
  • Verifying economic aspects of project;
  • Management and supervision of financials of project;
  • Advice and supervision of bank loan procedures;
  • Planning finance plans for project;
  • Tracking revenue and expenditure of project;
  • Storing legal records of investment projects;
  • Carrying out all the project investment procedures from the stage of preparation, performing investment activity to the end of project completion;
  • Create investment plans of project;
  • Joining investment activity and assessing investment project;
  • Create and assess project estimation.

SON THUYsupports the investors and partners to understand clearly about the business environment and culture in Viet Nam. Advising in project appetite, selection of projects, challenges, solutions and strategic plans, business plans in Viet Nam’s market. Specifically:

Setting project goals;

Setting related legal issues, verifying information, process and steps taken;

Identifying strategic partners and suitable related partners for the project;

The project structure includes the developing a finance system suitable to the project and offers execution of the solution to produce results that meet customer’s objectives with long-term value.

  • Consulting on project management architecture;
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the project management architecture;
  • Consulting on project management;
  • Support project evaluation and develop investors’ business ideas;
  • Source and research investment opportunities, produce investment reports, researching pre-feasbility of investment project.
  • Analyze project profitability, analyze investment project.
  • Produce environmental and impact assessment report..
  • Consultation of application process for investment licenses, supervising the investment license procedures and consultation of the procedures for investment license rental.
  • Legal verification and economic evaluation of project
  • Produce business plans for enterprises to conduct business in Vietnam.
  • Source investment opportunities and strategic partners, provide up to date insights about investments (incl. fields, geographical areas of investment incentives), raise finance, consult on investment ideas.
  • Consult the investors’ selection of investment form for project.
  • Consulting on the identifying and search for strategic partners.
  • Consultation on strategic approach to contract negotiations appropriate for project phase.
  • TConsultation of clients’ execution after the successful granting of the investment to deploy foreign investment project. This includes exercising the Land Lease Agreement, Land Using Right Certificate, Certificate of Import License, verifying technical details, Approval Decision for construction, registration of accounting system, produce environmental impact assessment report, transferring of international capital, employee recruitment, adjustment of Investment License…
  • Representation of investors to authorities to apply for approval and deployment of project..
  • Analyze market index to evaluate projects.
  • Track insights of projects in month, quarter, 6 months and year
  • Researching and appreciating projects: early and final evaluation, summary evaluation report.
  • Evaluation of socio-economical effect of project.
  • Evaluate management feasibility of project.

Enterprise consultancy services:

  • Supervision and advice on business establishment..
  • Draft company regulations, joint-venture contract.
  • Advise on business strategies and company restructure strategy.
  • Human resource.
  • Finance strategies and supervision.
  • Solution to enterprise’s legal issues such as tax, labour, salary, investment, environment, etc.
  • Guide process throughout attaining permission for business activities in relevant industries, such as: agriculture goods/commercial goods, cosmetic, medicine and other special grants such as: permission for foreign contractors, Work permits for foreigners working in Vietnam, etc
  • Supporting the establishment of the enterprise, purchase, sale, mergence, dissolution, bankruptcy of the enterprise.
  • Research, analyze and evaluate the market share and value of enterprise’s brand.
  • Establish and develop the brand image, analyze marketing strategy.
  • Design of trade names, logos, slogans, packaging characteristics, labels system, etc.
  • Determining marketing and brand management regulations.
  • Consulting the process of upholding to ISO.

Providing information

  • Providing weekly, monthly or quarterly legal reports (updated and commented on legal documents, including: Laws, Decrees, Circulars, Decisions, Economic, Investment, Business, etc.).
  • Providing legal documents copied from the original (with seal and signature).
  • Systematize and provide topical text.
  • Building legal identity/branch at the request of enterprise goal.
  • Providing specialized analysis reports in each field, industry or product.

The significant development of wind farm and Solar Power Projects globally has encouraged the switch to renewable energy for their environmental impact. Wind farms and solar projects have become center in Vietnam electricity development, encouraged by incentives and generous conditions for development. SON THUY experience with key ministries and knowledge of project execution. Wind and solar farms projects are suitable for:

Investors, Project development unit.

EPC Contractor.

Investment Bank.

More detailed outlook on types of services for wind and solar farms projects of SON THUY :

  • Investment Consultancy (Identifying investment opportunities, Investment location, Legal procedures).
  • Setting up planning profile or adding plan to develop Wind electricity or Solar power.
  • Consulting on designing, building, installing the solar pillars, wind monitoring.
  • Surveying, investigating basic data, technology.
  • Making pre-feasibility study reports, feasibility study reports, making basic design, detail design, technical design, making the total investment estimates.
  • Calculating the power output (Yield Analysis) or wind (AEP).
  • Making reports: Power grid connector, SCADA connector, power measure, relay protection, PCCC…
  • Making environmental impact assessment reports (EIA).
  • Making compensation plans, relocation and compensation scheme to recover land./li>
  • Consulting on tender preparation and bidding, bidding of procurement equipment, supplies, building in domestic and international investment.
  • Consulting on verification of legitimacy of project.
  • Consulting on project management.
  • Consulting on construction supervision.
  • Planning, setting up investment projects on cultivation (rice, cash crops, fruit trees), animal domestication, aquaculture, infrastructure for agriculture, water supply and drainage, rural clean water.
  • Surveying, designing, verifying projects, supervising infrastructure suitable for investment projects in agriculture and rural areas.
  • Soil and water analysis..
  • Consulting on the transformation of plant and animal breeds in line with the available potential.
  • Consultancy on technology transfer in agricultural production, plant protection, agricultural extension and agricultural product processing.
  • Research and develop models of agricultural production, sustainable development for rural economy (cultivation, animal husbandry, industry, services, tourism …) in line with economic and social development conditions in localities and according to market demand.
  • Providing technical support services for the restructuring of plants, animals, aquatic products, production organizations, intensive cultivation of crops, raising of livestock and fishery products with high productivity and quality.
  • Providing consultancy services for production planning, transfer and application of new technologies, investment projects (surveys, feasibility study reports, investment reports, estimation, bidding, etc.) for farmer households, farm households, cooperative groups, co-operatives, agro-forestry-fishery enterprises.
  • Providing information about the macroeconomic state and policies related to agriculture, forestry and fishery; information about domestic and foreign markets; organizing the linkage between supply and demand and support for trade promotion and consumption of agro-forestry-fishery products.
  • Guide farmers, cooperatives, cooperative groups, farms to build projects and projects on structure transfer of the agricultural production belong to preferential credit programs of the State.
  • Consultancy on the development of specialty agricultural products, geographical direction..

Moreover, SON THUY also provides consultancy services related to production and transfer of agricultural economic structure for agencies and economic sectors operating in the field of agriculture; Supports information on business efficiency of economic sectors, localities and regions; Makes plans for production and business, plans for investment, transfer and application of new technologies; Develops a database of agricultural products and sectors and professional consultants working in the agricultural sector. Connecting investors and improving production and farming practices based on the experience and technical culture of new standards. Coutry development method bases on community.


SON THUY provides consultancy services for bringing foreign products and granting of permits into the Vietnam market and the expansion to global markets for Vietnamese companies. Our services include: participation plan of the related parties and project development.

SON THUY provides the legal consultancy on construction records, accounting and auditing.


Brand Management:

  • Building the brand identity system.
  • Managing and developing the brand system.
  • Making the construction plan and brand promotion.
  • Taking and editing the graphic design photos.

Marketing & Redacting

  • Redacting and providing information for marketing communication.
  • BRedacting and providing information for internal newsletter.
  • Collection and processing of market information.
  • Making the marketing communication plans for products and services.
  • Deployment support for marketing communication.
  • Setting up the program for community events, commercial events.
  • Organizing and implementing plans for festivals, inauguration, performance, seminar, conference…

SON THUY to support and perform the required objectives of the investors and partners to develop investment strategies, our competitive advantage allows us to efficiently aid domestic and foreign funds to meet the needs of investors and partners. Consultancy and investment projects such as:

One of the terrific things about using this services is that they have the ability to personalize your documents based on your specifications.

  • Real Estate
  • Agriculture
  • Power and renewable fuels
  • Acquisition of companies
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Export
  • Travel
  • Business
  • Health care

Our company is committed to delivering results for our investors and partners. With professionalism and professional etiquette, Son Thuy always adheres to the mandate of:

” All personnel will champion the attitude of working to the best of their ability in order for the company to reach the highest level of prestige in the field and trust from the investors, partners and customers. Our competitive advantage will lead to positive social economical changes and contribute to the dynamic development of Viet Nam”


SON THUY is defined by a dynamic working environment, based on the enthusiasm and hard-working ability of staffs. We look for individual with extensive knowledge and strong motivation. We provide jobs for experts in investment, finance and book-keeping. SON THUY commits to bring to you a wide area for career development.

We are hiring

Applicants send resume including:

  1. CV (having 4×6 photo).
  2. Job Application.
  3. Copied of qualifications.
  4. Resume must be written by Vietnamese and language of the country that you apply. For (2) position, must be written by Vietnamese and English.